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Spa Experience (from $18)

pre wash comb/brush/de-matt  

gentle ear clean

cleansing, massaging lather

cooling, thorough rinse

moisturising, leave in conditioner

brush and blow dry

conditioning, cologne mist

nail clip

express anal glands (additional cost) 



Clipping (from $30)

remove matts if required

short body clip

trim & tidy face/head/ears/tail

trim & tidy feet

nail clip

spa experience included

Having the privilege of working as a Veterinary Nurse, I know how important it is to both owners and their pets that they are healthy and happy!  We know  how important veterinary care is for our pets but grooming is an essential part of pet health care too. Particular breeds require daily grooming at home, many require clipping to avoid matting and excessive hair growth and ALL require bathing (excluding cats sometimes!).   A happy pet is a healthy, well groomed pet.

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